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                           Classic. Creepy.
    this literally brought me to tears

    this literally brought me to tears


    "Please don’t wake me,

    no don’t shake me,

    leave me where I am,

    I’m only sleeping


    The Beatles - Her Majesty long version
    It was recorded during Get Back/Let it be sessions in 1969.




    Do you have photos that are too hard to keep?
    We will take them.

    Since 2009, artist Jason Lazarus, has been collecting photographs that are too painful or irrelevant for their original owners to hang on to.

    These photos become part of large art installations that are exhibited internationally, including a show at The Contemporary Jewish Museum. If you feel your photographs are too private to show in public, they can still be donated and they will only be exhibited face-down.

    How you can participate:
    1) Submit photos through this Tumblr, then delete the originals
    2) Mail photos and photo objects to:
    Jason Lazarus, 1516 N. Kedzie Ave, #3, Chicago, IL 60651
    3) Email photos to and then delete originals

    We will be posting photos from the archive for the next few weeks, so follow to look into the archive.

    wow. this is fucking cool.

    I still love this