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                           Classic. Creepy.
    Burgundy hair and pineapple shirts

    Burgundy hair and pineapple shirts


    bunnies and cats because bunnies and cats

    "Once a cretin, always a cretin."
    — Debbie Harry on Joey Ramone

    Amazing Face-Paintings Transform Models Into The 2D Works Of Famous Artists by  Valeriya Kutsan

    Hubs: I wish today was Friday.
    Me: me too. I wish you were home forever. Like quit. And we blew threw our savings in like 2 months, and then we lived on the streets, and then we slowly lost grasp on our sanity, and then one night in my sleep I accidentally smother you to death thinking you're a massive spider trying to eat my face, and then I'm convicted and sentenced to live out my crazy days in a max security psychiatric facility, but after some time of getting back into a routine and living more like a human being I slowly regain my sanity, and then after realizing what I've done to the only man I've ever truly loved, I hang myself in my cell with my 100 thread count hospital pants tied to the shower head.
    is it the weekend yet?
    Hubs: I… don't think that I can love anyone harder than I love you.